Teahouse of the Mullah Nasrudin’s Donkey offers professional catering for all types of events, featuring international gourmet cuisine.   We offer fresh, high quality food, while providing excellent customer service—at an affordable price. 


We also offer coffeehouse and teahouse services.  Treat your guests to a traditional Turkish style coffee house at your next event.  Well-known from a long history at a variety of Faires and musical camps over the years, Teahouse of the Mullah Nasrudin’s Donkey coffee and teahouses provide a unique atmosphere that is worlds away from your neighborhood Starbucks.  Our specialties are Mullah’s Blend custom coffee, Turkish style coffee made in ibriks, and our “from scratch” tailor made chai.  Our coffees and chai are available iced, and we offer a variety of teas.


Teahouse of the Mullah Nasrudin’s Donkey can also provide high caliber live musicians and entertainment from a wide assortment of international traditional styles. 


Contact us today for more details on how to dazzle your guests at your next event: Teahouse@MullahsTeahouse.com